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Should I buy an Olde English Bulldogge?
It is very natural to find yourself surrounded by various questions when you are planning to buy a puppy of a particular breed. At times, you may ask yourself, if the breed you are planning to buy is suitable for you and your family or not. Here are some of the questions answered that may arise in your mind when planning to buy The Olde English Bulldogge.
1. How long will I enjoy the companionship of the Olde English Bulldogge?
The average life span of the Olde English Bulldogge is eleven to fifteen years. Proper care, vaccination, diet, exercise etc. can help the dog lead a longer life.

2. Can I easily train the Olde English Bulldogge?
This breed is intelligent and it wants to please the owners. It is a little stubborn at times but basically its eagerness to make the owner happy helps the training process. A little patience and consistency works great.

3. What type of training is required for this breed?
Basic obedience is a must for Olde English Bulldogge. Any Bulldogge who is confident and strong loves to be the boss and if you let him dominate you and be the boss, he will certainly be that. It is necessary to establish his place in the home as early as possible by the owner.

4. Why is it necessary to keep The Olde English Bulldogge busy?
Like many other dog, it tends to be destructive, if it gets bored. If you don’t assign him a job, he will find that for himself and what is chosen by him might not be liked by you. Work can be anything that helps him be busy for some time: agility, therapy, playing fetch and retrieve and even along walk will work for him.

5. Will my Old English Bulldogge love and play with my children?
Yes, this breed loves and adores children. The bond is stronger when an Olde English Bulldogge gets a chance to be raised with them. However, they are Bulldogge and slight roughness is a part of them. Like any other dog, there should be adult supervision when Olde English Bulldogge is playing with the children.

6. Do I have enough space in my home for a dog of this breed?
The average size of male Olde English Bulldogge is 17 to 20 inches at the withers and they weigh between sixty to eighty pounds. The female is about fifteen to nineteen inches tall and weighs between 55 to 70 pounds.

7. I live in an apartment….Is Olde English Bulldogge good for me?
If you have time to provide your dog exercise, love and care they can prove good apartment dogs too. If you need to lock him in a crate while you are off to office for 12 hours, this breed may not be a good choice for you.

8. What does ‘sufficient amount of exercise’ mean ?
This depends on a particular dog. Even in the same breed, different dogs require different amounts of exercise. Some Olde English Bulldogges will be satisfied with a leisurely walk while others may require much more than that. In general, this breed needs moderate exercise. If you can’t provide at least moderate exercise, you should consider buying some other breed. They are athletic, so they need to go out and play the ball in the day, though they would love to rest at your feet during night.

9. I’ve other dogs at home….Will the Olde English Bulldogge get along with them?
Olde English Bulldogge has a tendency to show some aggression towards the same sex dogs. However, they gel with the other sex easily. If you still want to add an olde English Buldogge to your family, the best way to do this is to bring him and introduce to other dogs when he is a puppy. Train him to know, you’re the boss and not he so that he does not try to dominate the other dogs. You may also consider spaying / neutering the stock that you don’t want to breed.

10. Will he chew and destroy my possessions?
Like all other dogs, the Olde English Bulldogge chews and needs to chew. However, you might find him chewing more than other dogs. All you should do is to make him know what he should and what he should not. Give him chew toys, to save your possessions.

11. Will he slobber?
No, this makes The Olde English Bulldogge very different from the mastiffs. They don’t have a slobbering problem. But, you may still want not to stand near himwhen you are all set for a party and your dog has just had lots of water.

12. Does he require special grooming?
No, he has basic grooming requirements. He needs a good bath, timely nail trimming, cleaning of ears and teeth. They however love good brushing. While giving bath, you should pay attention to the folds as there may be hidden dirt and grime, so the folds need proper cleaning with a little extra care.

13. Will the Olde English Bulldogge shed?
Yes, they shed moderately.

14. How much will I need to pay for the Olde English Bulldogge?
The reasonable price for a quality Olde English Bulldogge is $1200 to $5000. But, you should not let the price guide you. The puppy that is priced high may necessarily not be the best among the stock. You may also need to pay some shipping charges, so be ready to pay that. Similarly, breeders who are selling puppies at very low prices without any reason may be trying to fool you. Their puppy might be of low quality and if you buy it to save money, you might be required to pay a lot more when health issues arise in future. Buy your puppy from a reputable breeder who has all valid papers to show you and provides health guarantee, even if the puppy he is selling is priced a little high.

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